Friday, 4 January 2013

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Julie Plec Elena’s Emotional Struggle

Hey TVD Fans, ready to be spoiled with information which will surely make you excited for these upcoming episodes. So, the Vampire Diaries Showrunner, Julie Plec, just spoiled to Hollywood about the upcoming emotional argues that will overwhelm Elena when TVD returns January 17th. You may watch The Vampire Diaries online here on with the complete episodes from the first season.

“Elena’s mindset is basically a combination of feeling a sense of loss of not being able to be around Damon and also this profound sense of guilt for how much she’s hurt Stefan.” Don’t forget about the third man in her life, though: her brother, Jeremy. “Equal to that, a protectiveness of Jeremy,” Plec adds. “She’s feeling very unsettled that she’s not there where he is in helping him go through the motions to uncover the rest of his hunter marks. So she’s got a lot that she’s concerned about. In the midst of all of it, she’s still wondering, are these [true] feelings she’s feeling [for Damon]? They feel so real. What is going on with me?”

For you not to forget this episode, better mark your calendars on January 17, 2013. And you may watch The Vampire Diaries online here on where you view all episodes for free.

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