Monday, 28 January 2013

Bones Spoiler: Daisy, Booth’s Dark Layers and Shocking Revelations in The Season Finale

Now that Bones is back has made a stead fast course for February sweeps. Thanks to the spoiler fairies I have a great round-up to share with Bones including a Daisy sighting, Booth’s darker layers and shocking truths to be revealed by season’s end. We can also look for some unexpected, but building tension to crop up for Bones and Booth. So if ever you would like to watch Bones online where you can enjoy the full episodes and complete episode from season 1 here on

For the character of Sweet’s - “We are revisiting Sweets and Daisy. We have once where they kind of saw each other again and realized it was over. But we do have an episode coming up where Sweets’ living arrangement will change yet again and Daisy is in that episode…. but I don’t really want to say what happens. – Andrew Marlowe”

For the character of Booth, David Boreanaz reveal some exciting and hot spoiler – ““We’ve never really focused on the hardcore truth of what Booth goes through on an everyday basis, just as far as being a [former] soldier and the pain he endures. His health problems may come to fruition…. There might be a traumatic experience that he’s got to deal with personally…. Maybe we’ll see more of that kind of stuff.” As for Booth as he relates to lady love/baby momma Brennan, “There are always romantic moments between me and her.” However: “I think that they’ll be a little tense, they’ll be a little tested” as Season 8 continues on. “The interesting part about their relationship right now is that everyone seems to think, ‘Oh, they have a baby and it’s going to be calm.’ Well, I think it’s just the opposite.” And why is that? He hedged, “You’ll have to wait and find out.”

Well here’s what Emily Deschanel stated to some of her interviews “We definitely have an episode where we’re at odds with each other,” she confirmed. As colleagues or as a couple? “Personally,” she clarified, “but then it trickles into the professional. It’s complicated!” Deschanel also elaborated on the springtime time travel episode teased in Inside Line. “[The victim] attempted to travel through time, and we’re wondering if that’s how he died,” she said. “And then we find another body and wonder if that’s actually him from the future, coming back. It opens a whole big discussion!”

And of for the Season Finale, Boreanaz also reveal some thrilling spoilers for the fans. Boreanaz who is likely will again direct the Bones Season’s Finale – had nothing new to report on the oft buzzed-about introduction of Booth’s mom, but he did offer this semi-ominous tease for the back half of Season 8 and even next fall. “Things are going to be a little interesting at the end of this season, and how we go into the next season,” he shared. “I think it’s going to be very shocking and fun. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

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