Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NCIS Season 10 Episode 22 “Revenge” Promo and Guide

After watching the latest and shocking episode of NCIS, I started to worry for Ziva and Tony, will they still survive on that incident? So shocking! They were never been great danger like this before, what could happen to them will make fans go crazy worried for them (though they were just a fictional characters on this show), still it’s one of my favorite series ever.  But just so you know I always watch NCIS Episodes online here on where you can also enjoy the full episode of your favorite shows.

Next Tuesday, we’ll get to know what happen next, if one of them dies, sh*t! Ziva can’t I love her, and Tony he can’t just die like that, ahmmp! Well, it’s exciting yet so worried that we’ll lose one great character once again.