Thursday, 7 March 2013

Arrow Season 1 Episode 18 “Salvation” Guide: Roy Haper in Danger!

Some people says that he’s a Hero by killing those corrupt people but then the higher authorities thinks otherwise, they call him a vigilante. But Arrow don’t mind what they think at all, so he continues to chooses who to pick out who’s next on the list which left by his late father. Well, here’s comes the episode 18 “Salvation” for Arrow which is actually inspired by the Heroic actions of Arrow. If you like to watch Arrow Episode 18 online that you may enjoy here on with the complete and full video episode.

You can now check out the official spoiler filled guide for Arrow, episode 18 “Salvation” has emerged. Oliver Must Save Roy Harper from a Murderer. An Angry resident of The Glades who calls himself “The Savior” (guest star Christopher Redman) embarks on a kidnapping and killing spree to punish those he believes have wronged the residents of his neighborhood.

To make things worse, he broadcasts these murders online and claims he was inspired by Arrow’s vigilantism. Oliver is horrified by this statement and a vow to stop “The Savior,” but his manhunt in intensified after Thea comes to him in tears and tells him Roy (guest star Colton Haynes) has been kidnapped.

Laurel is surprised when her father starts to believe her mother’s (guest star Alex Kingston) claim that Sara is still alive.

Meanwhile, Malcom tells Moira to find the person responsible for his attempted murder. Is this the beginning of the Roy Harper/Speedy alliance? And is Sara really alive? Read Arrow’s return spoilers right here! The episode is set to air Wednesday, March 27. Don’t miss it.

So if you’re interested to get updated with the latest and hottest spoiler news of with the latest episode. And if you like to watch Arrow Episodes online catch it here on with the full episode of Arrow here with us.

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