Thursday, 29 November 2012

Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review

Hey there everybody, How you all doin’? So, I’ll just go straight to the topic… frankly saying, I expected a little bit better and much more than this when I heard about the remake even though I haven’t seen the original series of Beauty and the Beast and I don’t think I would like to watch it anyway, so, this series of The CW is kind a okay, I mean it’s not that great and it’s not bad too. The characters were also okay, Kristin Kreuk is pretty and hot, but is it just me or she’s kind awkward sometimes, especially with the cop thing and investigations? And Jay Bunyan, yeah, he maybe suits the character of the beast because of his
handsome face but he seems too nervous or awkward sometimes. Well, anyway they still got the chance to improve, and this is just my opinion but we’ll see what will be the future of this series.

Oh yeah, let me just add the point that Kristin and Jay doesn't seem have a connection especially with romance, I mean by just seeing the pilot episode they were both kind awkward to each other. That’s just how I see it.  If you want to watch Beauty and the Beast 2012online, you may visit where I also watch my favorite TV shows.

You may leave your comments, objections and violent reactions about my post below just feel free to do ‘coz I really don’t bite.

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